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Site was last updated at 09.15 on 14/04/2016


This site is about the island of Ibiza as well as the hotel



I have used this hotel since 1988, originally once a year but more recently, 3 times a year making it now over 50 visits.


 New additions to drinkers photos


Important - be warned 

The Balearic authorities have decided in their infinite wisdom, to impose a Sustainable Tourist Tax of up to 2.20 euros per person per night effective from 1st July 2016.This will be collected on arrival at all holiday establishments.


email me any new photos or thoughts you have to



The Website

Contains my view of the hotel, it's staff past and present and some of the guests who have been at the pool or lounge bars. I will also be adding new pages to reflect my personal view of Es Cana and the rest of Ibiza.


The area

Located overlooking Cala Nova beach and a short walk from Es Cana beach, bars, restaurants and shopping


I have no connection with the hotel other than as a guest.

For bookings, use Thomson for packages or direct through


Cala Nova contacts:

Telephone: +34 971330300 email:calanova@palladiumhotelgroup.com  



New team will lead the entertainment this year

Zlatko, Nilu, Gino, Robin @ Chelsea 


A week in May 2015 when my grandson made me so proud with his diplomas for mini golf, football and best dancer! 


Hotel opens this year on May 1st 2016

Hotel closes last week of October

Your Thomson rep for 2016 is ?