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July 2015

Posted on 27th July, 2015

Back from a fantastic two weeks in the sun. Clear blue skies and 32C every day. Great to see the towels collected every day now before 9.00am if they are left with no one present. Makes life so much easier for everyone. Never had a band and I would personally wish that they were no longer an option as such schemes are killing the island - bars and restaurants are suffering and the hotel bar staff have reduced tips - only an opinion of course.

May 14

Posted on 20th May, 2014

Off to Cala Nova again this week - if anyone wants information or photos, let me know.

Towel merchants

Posted on 19th October, 2013

One thing that really irritates me about the hotel is watching the pathetic practice of towels on sunbeds.


The same ones turn up every morning between 7.00 and 8.00 a.m. to create their mini empire of two or more sunbeds, two or more chairs and at least one umbrella and then move all other pool furniture further away from "their estate", all after passing the sign below.


At least some subsequently use them but I have seen some people turn up in the afternoon to pick up their towels without ever using the beds.



Come back Quiroga(spell?) and get the gardener/pool man to use his hose to soak them all.

October 2013

Posted on 10th October, 2013

Now back to reality after another great holiday in Ibiza.

The weather was remarkably warm at 27/28C every afternoon but touched 31C in the sun and the sea was silky and warm for my daily dips. It was marvellous to be able to walk on the beaches this holiday after my spell on crutches in July.

I took Paco the entertainers advice and went for a local dish when visiting one of my usual haunts (Cas Pages) for dinner - can't say it was the most appetising from a visual viewpoint but tasted really good, a "peasant dish of lamb, chicken, potato and vegetables with a dash of safron"




 which Pam and I shared as a starter before the usual half a pig or steak or lamb or a whole rabbit. 


A guest in August

Posted on 4th August, 2013

Hi Tony…We arrived home late Friday evening from our week stay at Cala Nova.  I have to say after my initial fears of it looking a bit tired around the edges, our holiday was full of positives.  My sister and I (39 & 42) took our children (10, 11 and 19) on a last-minute getaway seeking sun and relaxation with activities for the children too.  Yes, you could hear everything whilst in the room but I have to say the decorum of the holidaymakers was well implemented even though it was extremely busy.  Majority of them were "All-inclusive" and we only experienced one night of being kept awake into the early hours due to loud heated discussions in the outside seating area below our room.

( If there is noise after midnight, a call to Reception/Security will result in a visit to the noisy ones with a request for quiet - Tony)

 The hospitality of the staff and the animation team were fantastic and very welcoming.  We were staying on a Half Board basis and the food was very plentiful and varied.  I can be a fussy eater and would certainly never choose fast food options so I was pleasently surprised to see that all preferences were catered for.  A big plus for me.  Admittedly it's a little cramped around the main pool area and we had to do the "sun bed run" every morning by 7am if we wanted beds near to each other.  This I think will always happen no matter what the tour reps advice.  The positive side to this was the socialisation, getting to speak to others.  We found that many British holidaymakers were "returners" and had been doing so for many years.  My daughter (19) was speaking to a group of similar aged guys who said they'd been coming year after year since they were young.  It really helped make everyone feel part of a community.  My sister and I never felt isolated or intimidated being on our own.  And we loved the location of the hotel and felt that if the standards/decor of the hotel were tweaked there's no reason why Cala Nova could not have an extra star!!  The only negatives I have were: a) Extortionate prices of bottled water.  b) No fridge in the room unless hired  c) Highly priced safety deposit box  d) No facility of beach/pool towels.  e)  No free wifi in a specific area of the hotel.  Yes, these extras probably come standard with most four stars that we usually stay in but Cala Nova are offering the service but charging steep prices for which I don't think is necessary.  …But we all had a wonderful holiday and possibly would return to the Cala Nova again.  I look forward to viewing your fantastic, informative website Tony.  I hope you continue to have such wonderful family holidays at the Cala Nova.

Kind regards,


July 2013

Posted on 26th July, 2013

Another great holiday completed with terrific weather - only one cloudy morning when I went out photographing a few more beaches.

My broken ankle was a pain in more ways than one but I still made it to the beach every day and in the sea - thank goodness there were no jellyfish as I could not have moved away from them!

Revisited some old haunts including the restaurants of Sal Marina, Daffers(x2), Bar Es Cana and of course Cas Pages(x2) and had excellent meals at all of them, the only problem being the poor service at Sal Marina - over attentive to say the least - and one meal at The Gallery where standards appear to have fallen.

Enjoyed many an early evening at Atenea on the front at Santa Eulalia for a drink - there was a car park bay 10 yards around the corner so I didn't have to hobble far.

Hope to return in September or October.......................

May 2013

Posted on 1st June, 2013

Another great holiday in the Cala Nova last week!

We arrived at approximately 11.45 pm thoroughly knackered but managed a visit to the bar prior to going to our rooms - plural for the first time as Pam and I were accompanied by our daughter, her partner Nick and our wonderful grandson Alfie.

The weather for the week was good except for a nuisance wind plus a cloudy start on one day but generally pleasantly warm around 23C.

It was always going to be a different holiday based around Alfie so it was often beach in the morning, lunch at a beach bar and then back to the hotel for the 2.30 and 3.30 games for him in the afternoon around the kiddies pool with a very patient Rafa. Bl##dy Hell that barrel of water was cold on my back each time it rolled over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again for Alfie, it was an unusually early dinner for Pam and I in order that we could all attend the Kiddies Disco which he absolutely adored and again so many thanks to Paco, Rafa and Dani( Barbara to join them this week) for making him feel so welcome - he did not want to come home.

A few "old uns" were missing, Serai, Marie Jose, Cesar, Cristina and the Thomson rep Mark - replaced by Candice. Also the Hotel Manager Tony,(Antonio) is retiring after 42 years with Fiesta and is being replaced by Lolly (Dolores) who was introduced to us by both Juan in the restaurant and Jose on reception - a very nice lady on first appearances.

Saw a few old friends in the week including taking a card to Carmen for her birthday - Alfie sang Happy Birthday to her. On another day - in Santa Eulalia - we came accross our very old friend Gonzalo, it was so good to see him and have a chat although he was obviouly no longer the party leader in the bar any more. He still managed a quip and a smile as he left us saying as he now had to walk so slowly, cars had to wait for him and if the drivers didn;t like it - he would tell them to piss off - bless him.

Can't wait to get back in July!

14th October

Posted on 14th October, 2012

...and back home after a good, on time flight and luggage 4th and 5th of the belt.

Friday was fun in that we spent the morning in glorious sunshine and then decided, on seeing black clouds forming, to decamp from S'Argamassa beach to Santa Eulalia. We sat outside Atenea on the promenade to have a drink but could see the rain moving in so moved up the steps under cover. As the wind speed rose and the tranquil water started to gain white peaks we decided to move further under cover. However when table cloths started their own journeys and crockery started to fly we ran inside to grab a couple of bar stools for lunch. Tormentos came for about an hour with lightning and cracks of thunder following immediately. The prom and roads flooded and the beach disappeared. Lunch with wine went down very nicely surrounded by the chaos and we met some very nice people.

When the storm eventually passed over we decided to take a drive up to Cala San Vicente. After going through San Carlos and turning off for Vincente I drove around a corner to see a car off the road on its side, balanced on what was left of a stone wall. I realised it had only just happened when I saw an arm waving out of the window and when I stopped I heard cries for help. A van driver also stopped to help and after checking that the two girls were apparently uninjured, I told them to brace themselves and the van driver, with a bit of help from me, managed to rock the car back onto the level - no wheels touching the ground however. The girls then climbed out, miraculously uninjured. The van driver left and I let the girls calm down and make the necessary telephone calls from my car to their friend and for a tow truck. We left them quite happilly sitting in the sunshine.

That's it for Ibiza for 2012 and I look forward to May 2013.

Dateline 11th October

Posted on 11th October, 2012

First cloud today after being very hot Tuesday (30C) and 27 yesterday and today. Rain expected tomorrow so touring the island will be done.

Ibiza October

Posted on 8th October, 2012

Arrived on time on Saturday - no delays.

Weather Saturday,Sunday and today excellent - clear blue skies and 27C.

Eat in Saturday - very good four courses and a good bottle of wine.

LAst night out to Cas Pages - fillet steak too big to finish but the G&T and bottle of wine plus leaving room for Tarta whiskey and chipito may have had something to do with it.

Still trying to trace your birthday card Roger.