14th October

Posted on 14th October, 2012

...and back home after a good, on time flight and luggage 4th and 5th of the belt.

Friday was fun in that we spent the morning in glorious sunshine and then decided, on seeing black clouds forming, to decamp from S'Argamassa beach to Santa Eulalia. We sat outside Atenea on the promenade to have a drink but could see the rain moving in so moved up the steps under cover. As the wind speed rose and the tranquil water started to gain white peaks we decided to move further under cover. However when table cloths started their own journeys and crockery started to fly we ran inside to grab a couple of bar stools for lunch. Tormentos came for about an hour with lightning and cracks of thunder following immediately. The prom and roads flooded and the beach disappeared. Lunch with wine went down very nicely surrounded by the chaos and we met some very nice people.

When the storm eventually passed over we decided to take a drive up to Cala San Vicente. After going through San Carlos and turning off for Vincente I drove around a corner to see a car off the road on its side, balanced on what was left of a stone wall. I realised it had only just happened when I saw an arm waving out of the window and when I stopped I heard cries for help. A van driver also stopped to help and after checking that the two girls were apparently uninjured, I told them to brace themselves and the van driver, with a bit of help from me, managed to rock the car back onto the level - no wheels touching the ground however. The girls then climbed out, miraculously uninjured. The van driver left and I let the girls calm down and make the necessary telephone calls from my car to their friend and for a tow truck. We left them quite happilly sitting in the sunshine.

That's it for Ibiza for 2012 and I look forward to May 2013.

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