May 2013

Posted on 1st June, 2013

Another great holiday in the Cala Nova last week!

We arrived at approximately 11.45 pm thoroughly knackered but managed a visit to the bar prior to going to our rooms - plural for the first time as Pam and I were accompanied by our daughter, her partner Nick and our wonderful grandson Alfie.

The weather for the week was good except for a nuisance wind plus a cloudy start on one day but generally pleasantly warm around 23C.

It was always going to be a different holiday based around Alfie so it was often beach in the morning, lunch at a beach bar and then back to the hotel for the 2.30 and 3.30 games for him in the afternoon around the kiddies pool with a very patient Rafa. Bl##dy Hell that barrel of water was cold on my back each time it rolled over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again for Alfie, it was an unusually early dinner for Pam and I in order that we could all attend the Kiddies Disco which he absolutely adored and again so many thanks to Paco, Rafa and Dani( Barbara to join them this week) for making him feel so welcome - he did not want to come home.

A few "old uns" were missing, Serai, Marie Jose, Cesar, Cristina and the Thomson rep Mark - replaced by Candice. Also the Hotel Manager Tony,(Antonio) is retiring after 42 years with Fiesta and is being replaced by Lolly (Dolores) who was introduced to us by both Juan in the restaurant and Jose on reception - a very nice lady on first appearances.

Saw a few old friends in the week including taking a card to Carmen for her birthday - Alfie sang Happy Birthday to her. On another day - in Santa Eulalia - we came accross our very old friend Gonzalo, it was so good to see him and have a chat although he was obviouly no longer the party leader in the bar any more. He still managed a quip and a smile as he left us saying as he now had to walk so slowly, cars had to wait for him and if the drivers didn;t like it - he would tell them to piss off - bless him.

Can't wait to get back in July!

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